Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Interview with Fernando Vimar M. Vitug

Here is Mr.Fernando Vitug's response to the e-mail that we sent him. He is currently out of town so we also just interviewed him through email.

1. From what high school did you graduate from? From which batch?

Philippine Science High School, Batch '85

2. How old were you when you graduated?

I was 16 years old.

3. What were your study habits?

Usually every afterclass, I consult with my teachers for more tips and for a preview of what they're about to teach on the next day. Sometimes, they'll even give you bonus points for your perseverance. Then, during breaks, I discuss our current topics with my classmates. Then, when I go home, I study for the topics that I asked my teachers a while ago and give equal time for every subjects. And lastly, I don't sleep late. I always sleep early. How about if there's an exam, you ask? I sleep early, and I wake up early. You can learn more in the morning because it's like your brain has just been "refreshed" by your sleep.

4. What was your college course?

I took and finished B.S. Electrical Engineering

5. Why did you choose that course?

The main reason I took EE was because I took the advice my parents gave me.They said that judging from my strengths and weaknesses, EE is the most fitting subject for me, and I agree. My favorite subjects in High School were Math subjects and I also love number-crunching.

6. Do you have any advices for the students?

I only have a few advices for the students and most of them have already been mentioned in my study habits. So my first advice is to avoid distractions. Things like your cellphone, gameboys, and IM softwares such as Yahoo Messenger will greatly affect your grades. My 2nd advice is to keep an open mind. You must always be ready to accept new ideas and to understand it. But studying there at Pisay, you must have already acquired this skill of having an open mind. Lastly, don't let your academics interfere with your education. Your grades and cards may put you down in the dumps but it's what you learn that counts. The 1.00 s in your card are just like the icing in the cake.

7. What can the world expect from Pisay graduates?

I think the world can expect a lot from a Pisay Graduate. Not only in things related to Math and Sciences, but also in things related to other subjects as well! I also think that "hybrids" from Pisay will also start appearing one after the other. When I say hybrid, I mean people who have jobs which are unrelated to the course they took. I, myself is one of those "hybrids". I took B.S. EE and now I'm a programmer. It's not that they won't be able to use the skills they acquired in college in their jobs, but on the contrary, they may really be helpful to you!

Our group would like to thank Mr. Fernando Vitug for the interview that he granted us.

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